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Opaque White
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Opaque White is a Cold-Applied Color that can be used with any texture.

Cold-applied colors are painted on the glass and then cured, resulting in a durable glass coating. These colors are available in limitless colors, both opaque and transparent, and can be blended, mixed, or applied in a gradient. Cold-Applied colors can be matched to a Pantone or color swatch number.

Because these colors are applied as a coating and are not integral to the glass like our Tinted or Fused Colors, they are not recommended for high traffic areas or exterior applications. For back-painted glass projects we recommend that the color be applied to the 2nd surface of the glass if possible. Meltdown Glass keeps a small catalog of these colors in stock, but most projects are manufactured using a custom color specific to each project.
Maximum Individual Panel Size:
90” x 150”
Available Thicknesses:
Safety Ratings Available:
Tempered, Laminated, Fire / Bullet / Blast
Fabrication Options:
Insulated, Curved, Drilled, etc.
Treatment Options:
Frost, Dichroic