Meltdown Glass Art & Design. Kiln-Fired Glass for Art and Architecture.



Meltdown Glass Art & Design has been commissioned to produce decorative glass for hundreds of healthcare projects, both in the U.S. and abroad. Options for kiln-fired glass produced at our studio include organic, natural textures reminiscent of moving water, plant / botanical, sky and ocean themes.. all consistent with evidence-based design that has shown a proven link between nature inspired design / products and the healing process. We also offer modern, clean-line textures for contemporary healthcare spaces as well as playful texture and color options for children's hospitals and pediatric clinics.

Functionally, kiln-fired glass is the perfect material for healthcare spaces because it is non-toxic, non-porous, non-emitting, and chemically inert. Compared to etched or laminated glass, kiln-fired glass is also much easier to maintain because it does not fingerprint and has greater scratch resistance compared to other glass types. All of our products can be produced with certified safety ratings for healthcare including tempered glass, class-A fire rated glass, and STC (sound deafening) rated glass. Texture and color options for healthcare spaces are unlimited! Applications include walls, feature lobby installations, privacy glass at reception and waiting areas, hospital chapels / meditation spaces, donor recognition walls, handrails, artwork, faux water features, and exterior glazing.